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Patient Assistance Program

At Encounter Wellness Mental Health Services, we believe that patients should have the medications that are best indicated for their treatment plan.   Unfortunately, some drugs can be cost-prohibitive without financial assistance.   Many pharmaceutical companies provide patient assistance programs to help patients receive the medication if the copay cards do not offer enough financial compensation. 


All NEW patient assistance program applications and renewals, send Cassandra an email with the following information: (1) your completed application and all necessary attachments.  Cassandra will review the documents and complete her section; then, the office will fax the completed form to the appropriate medication company.  You will be sent confirmation that the fax has been sent.   


For RENEWALS, please make sure you are proactive in downloading and filling out your forms before your program expires.  Some patients did not receive their renewal notices, resulting in their applications not being sent promptly.  Please call your program and set a reminder in your calendar to complete your form at least a month in advance before it expires.


Once your initial application or renewal paperwork has been completed, you can submit it to our office by faxing your form attn: Cassandra at (513) 682-3201 or emailing a scanned PDF copy to


Please allow one week for the completion of these forms.  If it has been over a week and you have not received confirmation, call or email the office to verify we have received your form.



Many patients are eligible for patient assistance programs if their family income is 5x the poverty income or less ( ).

For example, a family of one would be eligible if they make $67,950/year or less.  A family of four can earn $138,750/year and receive assistance for their medications. 

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