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Our Beliefs

It is our belief that the journey to wellness begins as a thought that develops in our mind.  

Our Beliefs at Encounter Wellness Mental Health Services


Encounter Wellness Mental Health Services wishes to make a welcoming environment for all people seeking mental health care while treating patients with respect, dignity, and empathy.  We hear you and we are listening.  Empowering you to empower yourself.


African Americans seek mental health services at a much lower rate than other races.  We strive to alleviate any cultural and social stigmas that the African American community might have, one patient at a time, while providing a comfortable, safe haven to those in need.   Care will be provided with empathy, compassion, and without bias.

Our goal is to educate our patients, their families, and the community on the importance of understanding the causes and effects of mental illness.  It is necessary to overcome and eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness in our society.

Our Beliefs at Encounter Wellness Mental Health Services
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